Fundraising with Number Plate Frames

Club Fundraising

Personalised Plate frames are a great form of fundraising for community groups, car and sporting clubs


We take the pain out of fundraising by taking care of the product design, fundraiser promotion, payment and delivery.

No more chasing people to collect money by a certain deadline, placing the order, picking up the product and delivering it to everyone at the club. Your members order online and we deliver directly to their home.

We have helped many clubs successfully raise much needed funds for their organisations.
"Hi Number Plate Frames,
The members (and I) are very impressed with the quality of the frames.
They look great. The treasurer is also very happy with the contribution to the club bank account.
I consider this a very successful exercise with everybody winning. It has been great working with you to achieve this outcome and I look forward to doing it again in the future.

Thank you. 
Kind regards, Mark
FPV Tickford Owners Club WA"

To get started...
1.Email details of your club and your fundraising venture to 
2.We will then ask you to send us your logo and what you would like written on the frame. Then we prepare a proof for your approval.
3.Once approved we will send you an electronic flyer promoting the fund raiser for you to distribute to your members, and a Facebook graphic to help you spread the word.

Fundraisers run on our site for 2 weeks, encompassing 3 weekends.   We find this timeline helps to create an 'urgency' to purchase (only 2 weeks so get in quick!), but also takes in the main online shopping times...weekends!

  • At the end of your fundraiser, all orders are collated, printed and processed in a bulk print run and posted out individually to your members.

    To purchase a frame for your fundraiser, your members simply visit our site at, click on the fundraising link and purchase one of your personalised plate frames. They can then pay using for their order using our secure online cart with either Credit Card or Paypal.  

    We provide you with a report as to how many products have been sold and issue payment for the sale price of the product minus the cost of the product. 

    Email us now at to get started.